Professional Nursing and Health Care Services on the Gold Coast

Care Headquarters offers a wide range of professional Nursing and health care services on the Gold coast. We are an empathetic, qualified and licensed team of Nurses and Doctors who specialise in everything from general health assessments and medication management to post-hosptial care, continence management and palliative care. Our team is also dedicated to educating healthcare workers and carers through a selection of training courses geared towards enhancing the quality of care provided to those who most need it.

Care Headquarters

About Us

We are a team of professionally accredited Nurses and Doctors dedicated to providing holistic health care services and support to those seeking regular health management as well as those in need of more specialised care.

Care Headquarters

Our Services

Our team has the skills and expertise to offer a comprehensive range of healthcare and Nursing services that include regular health assessments, continence management, palliative and post-hospital care, and training.

Care Headquarters

Continence Assessment

If you or someone you know may be suffering from incontinence, our team is qualified to conduct a thorough assessment and create a uniquely tailored treatment plan, complete with therapy and support, to help you manage it.

Get access to the holistic Nursing and health care you deserve from Care Headquarters. Contact our team today on 0416 782 520.