Continence Assessment Nurse on the Gold Coast

The team at Care Headquarters is qualified to conduct accredited NDIS continence assessments and treatments on the Gold Coast. Our experienced Nurses and Doctors are dedicated to providing you with the right support and treatment to ensure you are able to maintain a good quality of life. Our face-to-face services are available on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern New South Wales. Telehealth services are available Nationwide.

Continence Assessment

An NDIS continence assessment can help identify underlying causes and recommend continence management strategies. Recommendations can range from treating the underlying causes to implementing techniques that minimise its impact on daily life.

When you book an assessment, one of our Nurses will contact you and ask questions about your bowel and bladder, medications and routine. This will be done privately and professionally in a comfortable setting. Based on the information gathered on your goals and what you hope to achieve, the registered Nurse will share a continence assessment report with recommendations and a list of consumables suited to your needs.

It is important to receive an early diagnosis and treatment for any bowel and bladder complications. A continence assessment can help you get the support you need and prevent complications from occurring. It can also help ensure that NDIS assessment participants have a sufficient budget for consumable health products in their NDIS/health insurance plan.

Care Headquarters nurses collaborate with organisations, support coordinators and caregivers to provide better care for incontinent individuals. We conduct thorough NDIS continence assessments, after which our experienced nurses suggest reasonable and necessary continence products, specific supports or therapy based on your individual needs.

Schedule a professionally accredited continence assessment at Care Headquarters. Contact us today on 0416 782 520.